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Breast Cancer

Working together to advance research for breast cancer.

Navigating a diagnosis of breast cancer can feel overwhelming. It’s important to take time to gather information and discuss options with your doctor. One of those options might include clinical trials. People who join clinical trials make it possible to advance research resulting in new treatments. Browse our resources below to learn more or find a trial for breast cancer.

Research studies known as clinical trials help to advance breast cancer treatments, by helping us learn more about how to detect, prevent, and treat the disease. In clinical trials, an investigational medicine is studied to see if it is both safe and effective. While not all investigational medicines are successful, all approved drugs have previously been tested in clinical trials. By joining a breast cancer clinical trial, you are helping to find ways to better treat people with breast cancer.

Lilly Trials for Breast Cancer

Early Breast Cancer

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Early Detection of Breast Cancer

As noted in an article by our partner Black Health Matters, despite great advances in treatments, early detection is still best for breast cancer survival. The article also briefly touches on health inequity between black and white patients in a breast cancer context. Visit Black Health Matters to read more on the importance of early detection for breast cancer health outcomes.

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Early Stage Breast Cancer - Learning Course

COMING SOON: In this learning course, we meet Monique and follow her journey from diagnosis with early breast cancer to her consideration of treatment options. Learn more about breast cancer as she looks at risk factors and considers questions that she can ask her oncologist.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

As part of Lilly’s More for MBC Initiative , Breast Cancer advocates Jenny and Christine give us insight into their first thoughts on being diagnosed with MBC. The following videos capture their emotional and physical journeys.

Additional Resources

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Committed to Cancer Research

Lilly has a strong legacy in cancer research. Our dedicated oncology team work together to create medicines that make life better for people around the world.

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Paving The Way To Better Diversity In Clinical Trials

Visit this Lilly blog post to find out more about our efforts to increase diversity in clinical trials including our short- and long-term goals.

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Outsmarting Breast Cancer Is Not That Simple

Host Joe Kim talks to an oncology nurse and breast cancer survivor and former VP of Oncology Development at Lilly about breast cancer. They chat about friendship, diagnosis, treatments, research, and community support.

Lilly is a Proud Partner

At Lilly, we are proud to foster true partnerships with external stakeholders. By combining our knowledge and resources, together we can make life better for people around the world. Click below to read our blog post or visit our partners by clicking their logos.

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